Captured about Hals

“I am a versatile and driven individual with a passion for creative expression and a proven track record in a range of professional and personal projects.

With extensive experience in content creation, I have honed my skills in visual storytelling.

I am eager to take on new challenges and further develop my skill set.”

Let’s walk through my creative journey thus far…

As a self-taught enthusiast, I first dabbled in video editing using Windows Movie Maker during my adolescence. The fast-evolving social media landscape became my playground, where I would share my creations online. I would capture and edit photos, write poetry, blogs and post artistic videos to Facebook and Youtube for my own personal enjoyment.

However, my passion for photography and film wasn’t just confined to personal projects. When I entered college, I decided to study film and further develop my skills. I immersed myself in learning new techniques, mastering the art of directing projects, and delving into the world of professional editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. It was during this time that I produced my own short film – an experience that solidified my pursuit for a career producing creative and meaningful work.

When the pandemic struck, I found myself searching for new ways to expand my knowledge base. Eager to adapt, I began self-teaching digital marketing concepts, realising the importance of promoting my own content effectively. I took the initiative to volunteer for small businesses, managing their Instagram accounts, creating eye-catching infographics on Canva, and enhancing my photography with Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, I decided to further advance my digital marketing skills by enrolling in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course through Google Digital Garage, gaining a recognised certificate for my studies.